The William Storms Allergy Clinic Pollen Counter

picture of pollen under microscope

Pollen as seen under our microscope while doing the pollen count.

The William Storms Allergy Clinic is one of only 42 nationwide pollen counting stations, 3 of which are in Colorado. Our Providers use these counts along with other diagnostic tools to individualize a treatment plan for our patients.

A Pollen count is the measurement of the number of grains of pollen in a cubic meter of air. High pollen counts can sometimes lead to increased rates of an allergic reaction for those with allergic disorders. Usually, the counts are announced for specific pollen, like trees (Spring) and weeds (late summer to Fall).

Mild winters with warmer days lead to an increase in pollen counts early, whereas as colder winters lead to a delayed pollen release in the Spring.

Pollen is counted during our active pollen season in Colorado, generally February to the end of October. If you would like more information on our pollen counts, please call 719-955-1933 or visit us at

Today’s Pollen Count