Allergies in Children

allergies and children

Some side effects you haven't considered.

Allergies in children can be difficult for parents to recognize. This can be for many reasons. Children don’t always know how to tell you what’s wrong. Or, in most cases, it’s considered a common virus. Children have an average of 6-10 colds per year, so with most viruses lasting 1-2 weeks, you could have a sick child for most of the year. There are many resources that discuss how to distinguish colds and allergies, but here are some other symptoms you could take note of to see if your child might need to be tested for environmental allergies.


Have you noticed that your child is having trouble sleeping due to congestion or coughing? Do you notice them feeling lethargic and low energy? Are they running into issues at school where they’re not performing as expected?

If this sounds like your child, you may want to consider allergies as a potential source of poor performance and behavior.

Child Allergies & Sleep

There’s a clear connection between allergies and sleep loss. Studies show congested nasal and sinus passages during the night affect sleep.  This can lead to daytime fatigue and drowsiness which can affect a student’s performance in school and sports.  These sleep disturbances may be due to allergies.

Here’s a pediatric allergist, Dr. Paul Ehrlich, take on the link between allergy and sleep:

“The basic body chemistry is pretty straightforward: histamine is not only an allergic mediator, it is one of the chemicals in our brains that regulates wakefulness and it is supposed to diminish at night to help us sleep. If histamine is elevated because of allergens in the bedroom that make us scratch, sneeze, cough and wheeze, we have trouble sleeping.” –

Could Allergies be impacting your Child’s school performance and behavior?

It’s no secret when children feel tired, their behavior tends to suffer. They lose patience more easily, they whine and complain, or they lose interest in school or activities. Oftentimes, this can be misdiagnosed as a behavioral issue when in fact, the root cause is actually an allergy.

At The William storms Allergy Clinic we can evaluate your child and determine if they are suffering from undiagnosed allergy or sinus issues.  There is a broad spectrum of treatment options.

We see more and more children each year with Allergy issues that went undiagnosed for extended periods of time. It’s so easy to have your child tested, bring them in today and we’ll help you figure it out!

Let the specialists at William Storms Allergy Clinic help your child perform at their best level.