Chronic Cough Information

man with chronic cough

Get help diagnosing and treating your chronic cough.

Below is a helpful sheet that reviews some of the basic Chronic Cough Information. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly to learn more or schedule your appointment.

We specialize in diagnostic testing and treatment for those suffering from Chronic Cough. We are passionate about helping you find the source of your cough so you can treat and relieve your symptoms.

It can be tricky to identify the cause of chronic cough. There can be many possible causes, some are allergy related like post nasal drip others could be related to medication. In fact, 20% of chronic cough is from medication prescribed for high blood pressure. Review more causes and treatment for chronic cough on our Cough Center website.

For those suffering from Chronic cough, the effects can be widespread. Persistent cough can leave you feeling fatigued, cause wear on your lung and their functions, it can cause dizziness and low oxygen levels. The effects can be lasting on the body if left untreated.

Our Cough Center is dedicated to helping diagnose and treat those suffering from cough. Learn more about the Williams Storms Allergy Cough Center.

chronic cough - download this helpful information sheet

Download the chronic cough information sheet