What is a Sinus CT Scan?

sinus ct scanner

Important for sinusitis and other sinus infection diagnosis

The William Storms Allergy Clinic uses the Xoran MiniCat CT Scanner for it’s Sinus CT scans because it is the most advanced scanner on the market and emits 75% less radiation than other scanners in its class.

Our patients safety and comfort is a paramount concern for us and by using a low dose CT scanner we can are confident that we are doing everything in our power to ensure your safety. Learn more about our sinus treatment and diagnosis and request an appointment.

About The Xoran MiniCat™ CT Scanner

The Xoran MiniCat™ CT scanner is exam specific, so it can only perform sinus and/or temporal bone CT’s. It gives a lower radiation dose than standard CT’s at hospitals and radiology clinics. The scanner not only gives lower radiation dose but is more comfortable to the patient since they sit up in it rather than lying down.

Why Sinus CT Scans are important in diagnosing sinus infections:

Sinus CT scans are important for diagnosing sinusitis in people who have had recurrent sinus infections as well as differentiating allergic sinus symptoms from chronic infection.

Examples of Sinus CT Scans:

sinus ct scans examples
sinus ct scans

Having a CT scanner available in the doctor’s office saves patients time and makes diagnosis quicker so that patients can be treated for sinus infections as soon as possible.

The William Storms Allergy Clinic was the first to introduce the Xoran MiniCat™ CT scanner on the front range of Colorado in June 2007. Our CT imaging department is proud to be accredited with the ICACTL after meeting extensive criteria.

sinus ct scans accreditation