The Asthma Center

Dr. Storms started the Asthma Center about 10 years ago because he felt it was important for patients with asthma to have a full diagnostic evaluation and an organized treatment plan with regular followups.  For that reason, the Asthma Center was started.

Our Asthma Diagnosis & Treatment Process:

We have a formal flow sheet of diagnostic testing and treatment methods for patients with asthma.  We will identify the various factors that set off the asthma, from allergies to sinus problems to airborne pollutants to acid reflux, etc.  Based on these findings, we can treat these different triggers for your asthma.  The treatment has to be tailored to each patient; there is no “cut and dry” treatment plan for everybody.  We have a number of different inhalers, pills, etc. that can be very helpful, but the only way to find out if things work for you is to use these different medications and then come in for your follow-up visits.

This process may include:
– Allergy skin testing to identify triggers of your asthma
– Breathing tests to diagnose the severity of your asthma
– Testing to monitor the levels of your asthma over time
– Finding the correct medication to help YOU get control over your asthma

How we measure results:

We measure our treatment results in a number of ways.  First, your symptoms are very important; secondly, we have breathing tests that help us quite a bit to determine if your asthma is really under control.  The standard breathing test is the spirometry, which most offices have. We also have the exhaled nitric oxide test which measures inflammation in the airway. These are both important tests in checking your progress.

In terms of treatment, we not only have the inhalers and pills for asthma, but we have a very robust Biologics Department for the injectable products for asthma including Xolair, Fasenra, Nucala, and Cinqair.

Please request an appointment or give us a call if you have any questions (719) 955-6000