The Cough Center

The Cough Center at the William Storms Allergy Clinic was established in 2007 to provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of people with chronic cough.  Most patients with a chronic cough jump from doctor to doctor and they never receive a comprehensive evaluation for the cause of the cough.  Dr. Storms has been attending the American Cough Conference for many years and keeps in touch with his colleagues in research across the world who are studying cough.

What is Chronic Cough?

Chronic cough is defined as a cough lasting more than 6 months and interfering with normal daily activities and/or sleep patterns.  There are many potential causes including postnasal drip, sinus problems, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, GERD, etc.

Chronic Cough Diagnosis & Treatment Process:

Chronic cough can have a multitude of different triggering factors, and it is important to identify the factors to understand what treatment should be given to the patient.  For that reason, the Cough Center has a formalized plan of diagnostic testing and treatment plans.  We know that each patient requires a little different approach in terms of testing and treatment, and we individualize our plan to each person with chronic cough.

The Cough Center has developed a full diagnostic and treatment plan for people with chronic cough, which may include allergy skin testing, PFTs (Pulmonary Function Test), sinus CT, blood work, and other approaches.

Since chronic cough has many possible causes, we do not order an extremely large number of tests on the first visit.  Rather, we do the tests that would give the best yield to find the diagnosis on the first visit and then we have the patient return every month for repeat visits to evaluate the effect of our treatment and to decide whether further testing (X-rays, blood work, etc.) need to be done to find the cause of the cough. These follow-up visits are meant to make sure that we do our best to find the cause of the cough, or if not at least to find the correct treatment (pills, inhalers, etc.) which will get rid of the cough.

All of our patients must understand that making the diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan is not done in one visit and that many people need continued follow-up visits until we get to the bottom of the problem.  For that reason you should plan on seeing us every month or so until we resolve your individual cough.

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