Environmental Allergies

These are allergies caused by tree pollens, grass pollens, weed pollens, dust mite, animals or molds.  They can be indoor or outdoor allergies, and they result in a variety of symptoms including runny/stuffy nose, itchy red eyes, postnasal drip, chronic cough, allergic asthma, allergic bronchitis, sinus allergies, and even skin allergies such as eczema or hives.

The William Storms Allergy Clinic has accurate and reliable skin testing for all of these allergens.  It is important to get tested so that you can identify those things that cause your allergies and then appropriate treatment can be given.

There are 3 general areas of treatment:

  1. If it is something that you can avoid coming into contact with then this will help, but many of these are unavoidable.
  2. We have numerous oral medications, nasal sprays, etc. that can help control the symptoms.
  3. Allergy shots or allergy drops. This is a different form of treatment that builds up immunity against the allergies so that they get better and less medication is needed over a period of time.

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Download the nasal allergies information sheet